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You have landed at this website most likely because you were looking for some independent and seriously minded information about health conditions and medications commonly used. The aim of this website is to share information commonly available among the public but give it a more professional twist. Your health is our primary concern, the most valuable thing we own and, therefore, it is always necessary to hear a second opinion on health issues such as commonly used treatments, medications, therapies, alternative healing methods and the latest medicinal research and development news. However, the information presented here should not be used for self-medication and you are best advised to see your doctor first before you embark on any treatment. Drugs can have various interactions so it is always necessary to get a professional advice and approval from you physician even if you are looking for a harmless herbal remedy to treat your sore throat.

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You will find here the links to health resources that are generally considered reliable and useful in providing valuable and balanced health information but we do not guarantee their accuracy. These resources are non-commercial health and medical sites but sometimes it is impossible for them to avoid being driven by commercial interests so you should better refer to several resources to verify the information you find. So, be healthy and live long!

Drug Reviews

This is the place to refer to when you are looking for serious medicinal info regarding the drugs you or your relatives take or are about to take. You can use this resource to find independent views and reviews of various medicinal drugs.